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2024/2025 Season

Our next season has not yet been announced.  Please stay tuned.  We will announce new season details as we get closer to September/October.

Feel free to email us at with any questions.

Thank you.  We hope to be wrestling soon.  Enjoy your summer!

2023/2024 Season Update

*This season has been completed.*

Pre Season starts Tuesday Oct 3rd.   There is no charge and anyone is welcome.

Regular Season starts Tuesday Nov 7th. (Registration link at top of page)

Practices will be held at Lakewood High School, Tuesday & Thursday from 6pm to 7pm.  During regular season the Experienced and Middle School wrestlers have an additional technique and live wrestling session until 7:30pm on Wednesday from 6pm to 7:30pm.

Tournaments will be announced later this year.  We plan to attend 4 or 5 events and participation in these events is optional.  These tournaments will be on Sundays, throughout the November to March timeframe.

Registration fee is $220 for the first wrestler and other wrestlers in the same household are 1/2 price.

Attire: You can start getting your wrestler ready by purchasing wrestling shoes and a mouth guard if they have braces.  For practice, they should have a water bottle, wrestling shoes, comfortable clothing like shorts/t-shirt/sweat pants, etc.  Gear will be available for purchase later this year.

If you have additional inquiries/questions on the season, feel free to email  Future announcements will be available on our website as well as our Facebook page.

2022/2023 Season

REGISTRATION is open using the link above.  After registration, download the Sport Engine app to see the team communication chat and team calendar.


     We will start on Thursday October 4th, running Tuesday and Thursday throughout the month at Lakewood High School.  There is no charge for preseason.  Wrestlers should bring a water bottle, comfortable shirt and shorts (preferably without pockets), and wrestling shoes.

Regular Season - some updates with more details to come

     Regular season starts Tuesday November 15.  We will continue our normal Tuesday and Thursday from 6p to 7p, with advanced wrestlers staying until 7:30p.

     *NEW* We are adding Wednesday to our schedule, same 6 to 7:30 schedule.  This will be open for all middle school wrestlers and any others with at least 2 yrs experience.

Parent Night is currently scheduled on 11/17, to be held during practice.

Gear will be available for purchase 11/15 to 11/17.

Pictures will be on Dec 6th during practice.

Lakewood Youth Wrestling

We practice at both Lakewood High School for wrestlers age 6 through 15 or 8th grade.

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Tiger Youth Wrestling  
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